Short Battery Life

We live in a world where smartphones are a part of our lives. We check them constantly, we use them to answer emails, we use them for work, and sometimes they are even the only way we can communicate with people. But what happens when your phone runs out of power? You’re stuck until you can find an outlet or until you can get home.

Battery life is one of the most common problems faced by smartphone users today. A lot of people don’t know this, but there are ways to extend your battery life so that you never have to worry about not having enough juice left for some important calls or messages.


There are many ways to improve your phone's battery life. Here are a few of the most effective:

  • Decrease screen brightness: Many people leave their phones on full brightness, which is not only annoying for others but also drains battery power and causes eyestrain. Adjust it so that it’s not too bright, but still readable.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Both of these features use up a lot of power, so if you don't need them, turn them off.
  • Keep track of apps using data: There are many apps that automatically connect to the Internet without your knowledge, so make sure you know what all those apps are doing by keeping track of them in Settings > Data Usage.
  • Uninstall unused apps: Sometimes we install new apps without knowing what they do or how much they space take up on our phones. Go through your list of installed apps and remove any that aren't being used anymore — they're just taking up unnecessary space on your device.
  • Turn off location services when you're not using them: You don't need location services on all the time, so turn them off when you're not using them. This will save a little bit of battery life every time you turn on a GPS-based app or service.
  • Use a dark theme: If your phone has the option to turn on Dark Theme, turn it on. The dark color scheme uses less power than white or light colors.
  • Check your battery usage: If you want to know which apps are draining your battery, you can find out by going into Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > Last 7 days. This will show you which apps have been using up the most battery over the last week.

For example, if Facebook has used up 8% of your battery over the last week then it could be because you're always checking notifications or because Facebook has an auto-playing video running in the background all day long.

To stop apps from running in the background, go into Settings > Battery > Background App Refresh and switch off everything you don't need to be doing automatically.

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